THE Greatest Show on Earth: A Metaphor for Life

No, it’s definitely not the NBA All-star finals that I’m referring to in the title. It’s not the Superbowl half time presentation either. Any more guesses??? It’s Carnival!!!!   Just one week ago, Trinidad and Tobago held its annual two day Carnival celebrations. If you don’t know what a Carnival is, or more… Continue reading THE Greatest Show on Earth: A Metaphor for Life

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Part 2 Wig preparation

After I had made up my mind that a wig wash day was needed, my mind back-tracked a bit. My first course of action actually ended up being an attempt at plucking the front of the wig. And I'm telling y'all this so you could realize that this trulyIS a trial and error process for… Continue reading Part 2 Wig preparation

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All About Oils-Part 3-My proprietary oil blend

Hello everybody... How’ve you been? I’m back to share some more oil related information with you guys. We already covered the main differences between the oils most likely to be used in a hair and skin regimen, as well as how to care for them to ensure optimum longevity and maximum usage. Today, let’s explore… Continue reading All About Oils-Part 3-My proprietary oil blend

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All You Need to Know About Oil-Part 2

Hey there...long time no blog post!               We’re about to fix that right now. Today’s post will feature tips on how to store your carrier and essential oils, as promised here. I would also like to include a link to a web page whose notes on the topic were succinct… Continue reading All You Need to Know About Oil-Part 2

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All you need to know about Oil-Part I

  From the beginning of my hair journey, I have known of the potency of oils as an aid to hair growth and length retention. Both carrier and essential oils alike have been some of my closest allies on this journey to longer, stronger hair. For the folks who might be happy to learn more… Continue reading All you need to know about Oil-Part I

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Do y’all REALLY go through your usual processes/methods/techniques of your hair journey when it’s that time of the month? Do you do some halfhearted mess or do you just forget it altogether?

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Crotchet and Procrastination

So ladies, and gents if y’all are here too, I am sitting here and fighting with this procrastination monster and mentally telling myself, for only the tenth time this week, that I will write a post sometime next week. When I decided not to let him win, and just do it RIGHT NOW!!! Why am… Continue reading Crotchet and Procrastination